A short little visual essay about not shopping

For those who have asked, you can purchase this essay here.

9 thoughts on “A short little visual essay about not shopping

  1. garconniere

    ironically, i want to comment asking you where i can buy this in zine/print form – it’s amazing! i think it really speaks volumes to the weight we give clothes in our lives, and how shopping for specific items can feel like we’re choosing a facet of our identities to display, you know?

    plus, it looks pretty.

    1. admin Post author

      thanks so much! so funny, i want to do a book but i felt like that went against my non-shopping mantra so I tried to just make it a free book. Going to investigate to see if there’s a way to make a downloadable ebook.

      1. garconniere

        it’s lovely as is, but as someone who loves print items i always prefer tactile over digital when possible. it’d be great if you could distribute it as a downloadable .pdf so people could print it out if they wanted to… inDesign or similar layout program usually some pretty user-friendly templates.

  2. admin Post author

    I know. I love print, though these fancy maglike interfaces are making digital pubs easier to enjoy. You should be able to just download it and print however you like. Investigated and ISSUU allows me to make prints. A small, non-glossy print out is $8.95 plus tax/shipping.

  3. María

    I read an article of your work in a fashion magazine of El País. Congratulation for your creative work, I enjoyed with the ilustration but much more with your ideas.

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